Command Line Software Utilities


Eject CD

Eject the CD drive from the command prompt or from a batch file.

ejectcd.exe (39KB)



Txt Back

Allows you to view a log file or CSV file from the bottom. It's written as a console application so that it is small and can be used over a VPN or dialup network. This saves you having to completely load a very large log or CSV file in order to see the latest information which is normally at the bottom.

You can specify the number of lines to read from the file or it will read the entire file backwards.

txtback.exe (42KB)



Command Prompt System Information

This utility will give useful system information to technicians working on a customers computer. It can be run from a boot disk to receive information from a corrupt Windows installation before reinstalling.

This utility is currently being rewritten and therefore unavailable to download at this time. (95KB)



Display information about you on the network.

whoami.exe (43KB)