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OS: Windows
License: Free
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Portable; does not require an install.

DBF Viewer Plus is a portable DBF database table viewer and editor plus some additional features for searching, importing and exporting to a number of different formats. DBF formats include dBase, Clipper and Foxpro.

DBF Viewer has the following features:-

  • Open and viewing DBF File.
  • Filtering on multiply fields to query data.
  • Printing Tables and preview
  • Add, Edit, Deleting and Updating records.
  • Search with partial and Case Insensitive options
  • Go to specified field (for tables with lots of columns)
  • Table Info displaying Record count, Type, Language type, Records size, Indexed, Encryption,  Last updated, fields and field types.
  • Pack Table.
  • Zap Table (Empty).
  • Show / Hide Columns. 
  • Export to formats such as CSV, PDF, XLS, RTF, WKS, XML, HTML, DBF.
  • Import wizard with field mapping.
  • Record View and editing screen.
  • New Table (Create a DBF File)
  • Open table using command line parameters
  • Set Table Type
  • Visual Count

DBF Table Info - Screen

DBF Table Information


You can control which columns are print by using the Show / Hide dialog to hide columns
that you don't want to print. To create more space for columns reduce the width of columns
in the grid.


You can open a DBF automatically from a shortcut using command line parameters:-
E.G.  "C:\UTILS\DBFPlus.exe c:\dbf\master.dbf  /full"

Memo fields

To edit the text in a memo field simply select the field RIGHT CLICK and select "View / Edit Memo field"

DBF Viewer does not require installation in order to run and therefore can be used to query data on a customers server without it needing to be installed first. It can be run from a CD or DVD and consists of just one EXE file.

This utility accesses DBF Files directly and can filter large tables at a reasonable speed.