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Please feel free to report any bugs or error messages that occur when using any of the utilities on this website. Don't worry that a bug may have already been reported by someone else. Feel free to report it anyway, it will give me an idea of how frequently it has occurred. I will also be able to give you a rough indication of when it should be fixed or resolved.


If you would like to see a particular new feature in one of the utilities on this website please feel free to email any. All new feature suggestions get added to a list and usually the most popular one's get implemented first in new releases. As before do worry that a feature might have already been suggested it will give me an idea of demand.

Feature suggestions and questions can also be submitted via twitter by tweeting at @alexnolannet You can also follow for the latest updates of all software on as well as other interesting finds in the world of IT and technology.

Software Development

If you are a small to medium size business in the UK and require some bespoke Windows software for tasks such as ..

  • Data migration
  • System automation
  • Systems integration
  • Adapter technology
  • Database software

Contact me now for a quote.

Contract Delphi Developer

If you have a business in North Hampshire, West Sussex, South Surrey and require a contract Delphi developer, contact me now.