Products and services available by Alex Nolan

If you're a small to mediam size business, here you will find lots useful application to help your business. Applications that are simple to use and require very little training. The application are very reasonably prices and can be tailored or further developed to your specific business needs. For new businesses and self employed individual development payments can be phrased.

Invoice systems

Simple invoicing systems allowing you to quickly select a customer and create an invoice in minutes. The invoice can be printed or saved to a PDF. Additional features and requirements can be added a your request. The software allows you to maintain a complete invoice history for each customer. You can reproduce an old invoice at any time.

Invoice System

Booking Systems and Appointments

Need a diary / booking application to manage your customer appointments.

Time recording

Need to record that amount of time spent working on a clients account

Systems Intergration

Do you have two different database systems that need to pass data between them.


Sales and marketing database software to tract leads and sales against marketing campains

Monitoring and remote monitoring

Monitor server / machines and services and tool running on the machines remotely. You can even monitor temperature of server rooms.

Data and database front ends

Data input user interfaces

Customer relationship management



Custom applications to log data from UTP network ports for the purpose of billing or traffic monitoring.

Business Calculators

Remote Access

Statements and reports

FTP applications

Custom FTP application to automate sending files or data to a website or backing up to the cloud.

QRCodes and barcode applications

Tools to generate QR Codes dynamically or QR Codes generated from data. Barcodes are a long time used way of matching physical items to database records.

Sample QRCode

Stock control systems

Screen scraping and data capture

Photo / Images cataloging

Data Conversions