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OS: Windows
License: Free
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Portable; does not require an install.

Window Seizer 1.05

Window Seizer - Take control of your open windows and tasks.

Window Seizer 1.05 - screenshot

Windows Seizer is a standalone portable freeware utility which lists all the windows you have open.. Window Seizer then displays the following technical information for each window listed:

  • Memory Usage
  • Window Handle
  • Class Name
  • Parent Handle
  • Window Visibility
  • Process ID
  • Status
  • Filename
  • Path
  • X Coordinate
  • Y Coordinate
  • Width
  • Height

Window Seizer Features

Task and window switching.

By double clicking the selected item you can quickly bring it to the foreground. This makes task switch quick and easy.

Close All I.E. s

Allows you to close all Internet explorer windows you have open with a single click. This can be very useful if you run into a website which opens up a endless chain of popup windows.

Close All Folders

Allows you to close all folders you have open with a single click.

Close Item

Standard close selected window.

Close All

Close all windows. This is useful for just before you're about to shut a PC down. You can make sure that everything is closed properly and all files are saved before you initiate the windows shutdown.

Kill Window

Quickly kill the selected window which might not be responding. Useful programs which are not responding or task which you know to be spyware.

Move to 1,1

This will move the selected visible window to the left of the first screen to position 1,1. This is useful if the top of a window has moved off the top of a screen and you can't drag it back down with the mouse. It can also be used on a dual display system to move a window from the second display to the first.

Show Desktop

Minimizes all windows at once so you can see the desktop.

Hide Window

This feature will hide the selected window so that it is no longer visible. This is useful for temporarily hiding a visible window from other people.

By Handle

This additional dialog allows you to perform most of the functions above by using the handle to identify the window.

Window By Handle Dialog

Show Desktop

Quick get to the desktop without having to manually minimize all  the visible windows.

Show Hiden and Show Blank Captions.

By default Window seizer only shows the visible windows that have a caption. This is because it is these items which you will be interacting with the most. By check the two boxes under the toolbar you can also list non visible windows / tasks and windows with no captions.

CPU Meter

CPU Meter


Window Seizer is a portable utility and therefore does not require and installation to run. Simple download and run.