This is a walk through guide in Windows XP to create a VPN connection to a remote computer which
has been setup to allow incoming connections.

The first thing to need to do is start the New Connection Wizard.

  1. Click the START button
  2. Settings
  3. Network and Dialup-up Connections
  4. Make New Connection

You will then see the following wizard.

Virtual Private Network connection (VPN)

Select "Virtual Private Network connection" instead of dial-up connection.


Network Connection Type

Next select "Connect to the network at my workplace".


Connection Name

Enter the name for the connection. This can be anything and just allows you to identify your connection.


Host name or IP Address of the remote location

Enter the Host name or IP address for your VPN services (for example or In most cases this will be an IP address but if you have a domain name registered that points to your external IP address you might want to use that instead.

Ideally the IP address of the network you are connecting to will be a static IP address instead of a dynamic one. A static IP address will never change and you will not need to alter your connection properties every time it changes.


Completing new connection wizard

You can select "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop" if you wish. If not your connection will be in "Network and dial-up connections" where you launched this wizard.

Select Finish to create the connection.