IP Address scanning - IP seizer

IP Seizer is a portable network IP address scanning tool.

Network IP address scanning tool.

Your external IP address is: - Decimal: 65661088

When do you need to know your external IP address?

You need to know your external internet IP Address from time to time for the following reasons:-

  • To allow users to connect to you with software such as Radmin, PCAnywhere or Remote Assistance.
  • So that associates can establish a V.P.N. connections and map drive letters to your computer or network.
  • For IP filtering so that only machines from your External IP Address are allowed access.
  • For establishing links to home computer or server from the internet.

So What is an External IP Address?

An external IP address is the unique identifier assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are two types of external IP address, static and dynamic. Static is fixed and therefore never changes. Dynamic can change where you connect to the internet.