Text Deduplicator Plus

Version 1.04

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Download Text Deduplicator Plus here:

OS: Windows
License: Free

Portable; does not require an install.

Description of utility

Text Deduplicator Plus is a utility for de-duplicating lines in a text file list.

Text De-duplication

This utility is especially useful for de-duplicating list of information to make them unique before importing into a database as lookup tables.

Sorting Lists

As a by-product of de-duplication list are also sorted into alphabetical order. If you wish to just sort a list without de-duplicating click the sort only button.


If you wish to total up the number of each item in a list click count dupes. This will produce a totals list of the items in the list.


Text Deduplicator Plus - Screenshot


  • De-duplication of lines with a text file.
  • Sort lines into alphabetical order.
  • Count duplicates.